Mohair - Shearing Day on the Farm

Here we are, taking a break. 'Head Goatkeeper' James Welburn in the hat, and Shearer Andrew Leng two of Yorkshire's Finest.

Andrew clips the goats twice a year usually in May and October when their ringlets have grown six inches.

James Welburn is a dab hand at pedicures. A job, he says, not to be sniffed at. The goats love the excitement and once rid of their fleeces run out of the barn skipping and jumping. Us workers race indoors for a slap up lunch.

Angora goats are naughty and hard work but they let me into a secret: their ringlets, which we call 'Mohair', make the best socks.  For me, living in bracing North Yorkshire, they are now my most essential bit of kit.

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